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Private Lessons

Discover the power of personalized training with our one-on-one trainer sessions. At our facility, we offer private lessons designed to help you achieve your goals at your own pace. Whether you prefer the convenience of in-home lessons or the challenge of public training, we’ve got you covered!

Our unique approach is centered around a homework-based program, allowing you to learn step-by-step how to train your dog and conquer those pesky bad behaviors. After each session, you’ll be expected to practice the techniques we’ve shared, ensuring that you and your furry companion are well-prepared for the next level of training.

This program caters to all stages of a dog’s life, from playful puppies to curious adolescents, and even wise seniors. Packaged in 4 one-hour sessions, our comprehensive lessons take obedience training to new heights, offering guaranteed results.

Join us today, and embark on a journey of training success with a dedicated trainer by your side!

Board and Train

Welcome to our exclusive boot camp style training program, where your dog gets the ultimate immersion experience! Leave your furry companion in our capable hands and watch as we take on the heavy lifting of training.

During their stay with us, your dog becomes part of our family. They will benefit from daily one-on-one training sessions with our skilled trainers, ensuring focused attention and personalized care.

Once the board and train period is complete, you’ll receive a comprehensive go home lesson, where we’ll walk you through the progress your dog has made and provide you with valuable insights to continue their training journey at home. As an added bonus, we also include a follow-up lesson to address any questions or concerns you may have.

With our boot camp program, your dog will return to you with newfound skills and behaviors, ready to lead a happy and disciplined life. Trust us to deliver top-notch training that brings out the best in your beloved furry friend!

3 Week - $3,000

4 Week - $4,000

Extensions will be charged case by case

Puppy Best Start Program

Introducing the Puppy Best Start Program! This comprehensive board and train package is tailored specifically for young pups aged between 3 to 6 months. Our aim is to provide your puppy with a solid foundation for socialization and early obedience.

During the program, your puppy will be introduced to essential commands such as sit, down, leash walking, and the handy place command. We understand the importance of grooming and kennel training, so rest assured, we’ll ensure your puppy gets conditioned to these routines too.

The program spans over a period of 3 weeks, during which your puppy will receive expert training and care. Additionally, a go home lesson is included to help you and your furry friend transition smoothly after the program.

With our Puppy Best Start Program, your little companion will be equipped with the skills and behaviors necessary for a bright and well-behaved future!

3 Weeks $2700

Hybrid Board and Train (Best Seller)

Introducing our unique and effective hybrid program, combining the best of both worlds from our private lesson and board and train offerings. This tailored approach begins with two private lessons led by our expert trainer, setting the foundation for your dog’s learning journey.

Next, your furry companion joins us for a 2 to 3-week board and train experience. During this period, our skilled trainer picks up right where you left off, fine-tuning their behaviors and imparting essential skills. With more repetitions and exposure to controlled environments for distractions, your dog gets an invaluable learning experience.

Upon completing the board and train segment, we ensure a smooth transition with two final private lessons. These sessions wrap up the training comprehensively, addressing any remaining areas and reinforcing the progress made.

Through this comprehensive hybrid program, we guarantee your dog’s growth and development, empowering them with the abilities to thrive in various situations. Embrace this exceptional training opportunity for a well-rounded and obedient companion!

2 week $2600

3 week $3600