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Introducing the Dynamic Duo Behind HellaK9s Colorado Springs

Alexander and Keila Johnson!

Alexander and Keila, the passionate power couple, have been inseparable since their childhood days, united by a profound love for dogs that has shaped their lives and brought them together as the driving force behind HellaK9s in Colorado Springs.

From an early age, both Alexander and Keila found solace and companionship in the company of dogs. Growing up with canine companions by their side, they developed an innate understanding of these four-legged friends, witnessing firsthand the positive impact of proper training and care on a dog’s life.

Their shared passion led them to pursue careers dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners. To further their knowledge and expertise, Alexander and Keila embarked on an enriching journey, immersing themselves in the world of canine training. Both accomplished graduates of the HK9 DTII , The Advanced Pet Dog Trainer course, they honed their skills in modern, balanced-based training methods, ensuring that they could bring the best to their clients at HellaK9s.

As the co-founders of HellaK9s Colorado Springs, Alexander and Keila take immense pride in creating a nurturing and effective training environment for every dog that enters their facility. They understand that patience and compassion are paramount when working with dogs, tailoring each training plan to suit the unique needs and temperament of every canine companion.


Alexander’s calming demeanor and natural ability to connect with dogs put even the most nervous pups at ease. Keila’s keen eye for detail and gentle approach ensure that every aspect of a dog’s training journey is handled with utmost care.

The couple’s unparalleled dedication to the well-being of their furry clients and the joy of witnessing the transformative power of training is what sets HellaK9s Colorado Springs apart. With Alexander and Keila at the helm, dog owners can trust that their beloved pets are in the hands of true experts, receiving the love, care, and attention they deserve.

At HellaK9s Colorado Springs, Alexander and Keila welcome every dog as a part of their extended family, committed to helping them thrive and forge stronger bonds with their owners. Through their unwavering passion and expertise, they aim to create a harmonious world where dogs and humans understand each other better, resulting in fulfilling and joyful lives for both.

Discover the magic of HellaK9s Colorado Springs and let Alexander and Keila Johnson unleash the true potential in your dog. Experience the awesome and trustworthy training journey that awaits, as they guide you and your furry friend towards a brighter and more fulfilling future!